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Confluence Venue Lends Itself to Transboundary Dialogue

AOA welcomes Canadian counterparts to this year's Confluence Summit in Haines, Sept. 7 - 9. With Haines in easy reach of the Canadian border, AOA Executive Director Lee Hart is looking forward to sparking transboundary conversations with public and tribal land managers, economic development groups, tourism promoters, and cultural organizations on both sides of the border.

For example, news that rates further discussion is the Yukon Government's recent designation as a United Nations World Tourism Organization’s International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO). INSTO destinations are committed to improving sustainability in the tourism sector by identifying, measuring and interpreting environmental and socio-economic conditions to guide evidence-based decision making. INSTO also connects these dedicated destinations by helping them exchange knowledge and findings. According to a press release, the Yukon’s acceptance into the network is based on the strength of its new Yukon Sustainable Tourism Framework, its demonstrated capacities in sustainable destination management, and the commitment to engage with the local tourism sector and other partners.

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