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Regenerative Economic Development

Low clouds and mountains and blue sky form mirror image in Chilkoot Lake in Haines AK

Committed to equity while developing frameworks and strategies that support thriving people, environments,

and economies for seven generations

Celebrating and strengthening our ways of life through the cultivation of regenerative approaches to economic development

• outdoor recreation • tourism • culture • land relationships • business

Live, Work and Play: A Fresh Approach

  Regenerative thinking challenges us to understand the social, cultural and political dynamics and ecological patterns of a place and the people who know it so deeply. Beyond sustainability, in our context, regenerative development means ecosystem restoration, outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities are considered holistically to ensure a future that is environmentally and culturally restorative and just. To be regenerative is to create new planning frameworks; reconsider how human activity can evolve with changing landscapes;

to define and measure success differently. 

What can and should economic development look like in gateway communities in, and adjacent to, protected areas? How do we operate in harmony with the local environment to honor its unique sense of place - past, present and future. How can we empower place-based leadership to drive positive change in the built, natural and business environments?

It's not too late for Alaska to become a global leader in regenerative nature-based tourism but it takes knowledge, inquiry, intent and a willingness to unlearn

so we can re-imagine the future.

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