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AOA founder Lee Hart has a 20-year track record designing and facilitating memorable, impactful and strategic events and meetings that help brands and NGOs succeed at launching and implementing transformative products, services, and projects. 

Now you can hire Lee and her team to help you do the vital work of positive organizational growth; product, service and event development; forging collaborations that expand opportunities; community economic development, and more.


• Board/Stakeholder Meetings

• Public Events and Meetings

• Public Forum Facilitation

• Open Space Facilitation



  • Event Design – Workshop, Meeting, Conference, Retreat Design

  • Public Participation Program/Plan Design

  • Public Affairs Campaign (local-state-federal)

  • Strategies to Attract Support/Resources for Dream Projects

  • Design Sprints

  • Brand Strategy

  • Conflict Mitigation 



  • Capacity building and technical assistance

  • Community & stakeholder engagement 

  • Coalition Building

  • Public affairs training and strategies

  • Public relations campaigns



Our core services are always expanding and adapting to respond to changes in the the realities of politics and a dynamic marketplace. Small and independent means nimble and creative. We stand out from the competition by developing custom solutions specific to your needs, circumstances and budget. With us, you'll never have to worry about trying to fit your needs into a cookie-cutter approach.


We also understand Alaska's unique constitution, politics, laws and culture are complicated. Tap into our wealth of understanding of land use management, public process, regenerative economic development, funding streams, and especially the unique circumstances, history and people that set Alaska apart from the way other states in the Lower 48 do things.


Our approach to business services are steeped in our experiences and lessons learned living, working and playing in this great state. 

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