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SUP? Answering the 5Ws of Confluence

WHAT is the post-covid climate for Indigenous tourism and small businesses in general? How can partners in the Yukon and Alaska work together to foster more sustainable and regenerative economies and destination development?

WHEN & WHERE These are among the questions you can expect to explore when the 7th Annual Confluence: Summit on the Outdoor Recreation Economy comes to the Chilkat Center for the Arts in Haines, Sept. 7 - 9. Haines' natural beauty and intimate, arts-imbued facility are sure to foster deeper peer-to-peer connections.

WHO Attendees can expect to elevate important conversations about shared challenges and priorities with top minds from across Southeast, across the state, and even across the US-Canada border. Confluence is attracting leadership from state, regional, tribal and federal land management agencies as well as cultural, economic development, transportation planners, tourism organizations and, of course, outdoor businesses.

WHY Confluence aims to stimulate conversations that help shape new definitions and approaches to working, living, playing, and learning in communities that are gateways to protected and sacred lands. Is there a need for a shift and if so, what does that look like? Only our attendees can answer such questions.

HOW Confluence is a launchpad for big visions and disruptive changemaking. With skilled facilitation from Spruce Root, ideas can blossom through dialogue that drives action. Everyone at Confluence is a thought leader, the Summit just sets the stage to let the ideas flow.

THANKS. In order to try to prevent cost from being a barrier to participation, Confluence is not considered a revenue stream for the Alaska Outdoor Alliance. Helping keeping costs to participants low and enabling Confluence to take place in person for the first time since 2019 are these wonderful sponsors: Aasman Brand Communications, Alaska Power and Telephone, Chilkoot Indian Association, Haines Borough, Haines Chamber of Commerce, and the Outdoor Industry Association.

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