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Spruce Root Partners with AOA for Confluence Summit

AOA is honored to announce Spruce Root has partnered with AOA to plan and facilitate the 7th Annual Confluence: Summit on the Outdoor Recreation Economy. This marks the first year Confluence has been held in Southeast Alaska where it is scheduled to be hosted live in Haines, Sept. 7 - 9.

A nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Spruce Root was founded by Sealaska Corporation through Haa Aaní Economic Development, with a vision is to amplify the region's Haida, Tlingit, and Tsimshian ancestral imperative to ensure Southeast Alaska thrives for future generations.

Spruce Root is a key driver of a regenerative economy across Southeast Alaska "so communities can forge futures grounded in this uniquely Indigenous place."

Spruce Root staff will help shape and facilitate conversations at Confluence to achieve actionable outcomes aimed at advancing strategies to support the growth of regenerative economies throughout the region.

Previously, AOA partnered with Spruce Root's Sustainable Southeast Partnership Regenerative Tourism Catalyst Mary Goddard, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska Travel Industry Association and University of Alaska to launch a vision where Alaska becomes a global leader in regenerative tourism.

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