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Workforce Development Report Highlights Career Opportunities in Outdoor Industry

New reports unveiled by the national Outdoor Recreation Roundtable and Oregon State University Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy paint a clearer picture of lifelong career paths and opportunities.

The report is intended to help industry leaders, policymakers, and prospective workers understand how these good-paying jobs build local economies, provide quality of life, and connect people to the outdoors.

These reports are a starting point that those working in Alaska's outdoor recreation economic sector can use to illustrate the many exciting workforce development pathways that are spawned as a result of seasonal trail crew or guide jobs, said Alaska Outdoor Alliance Executive Director, Lee Hart. The Career Path module gives young workers a chance to hear stories directly from outdoor industry professionals.

ORR's Career Path module is a digital resource which features professionals across the outdoor recreation industry telling their stories about how they arrived in their current roles, describing what they appreciate about their work/life balance, and sharing advice to prospective workers who want to emulate their journey. A companion webinar shares more info about the myriad rewarding pathways available in the outdoor recreation economic cluster.

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